SPSS for Psychologists (And Everybody Else)

Sixth edition

by Nicola Brace, Richard Kemp and Rosemary Snelgar

About the Authors

Nicola Brace worked with Rosemary and Richard at the University of Westminster, where they taught research methods and statistics to psychology students and together wrote the first edition of SPSS for Psychologists. For the past fifteen years Nicola has worked at the Open University teaching on modules at all levels, writing distance learning materials on cognitive psychology, forensic psychology and research methods. Her research interests concern face recognition, in particular applied aspects involving facial composite construction and identification parades.

Richard Kemp is Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Rosemary Snelgar graduated from Keele University and later returned for a PhD in visual psychophysics. She continued vision research in posts at Keele, Aston University and University of Bristol, before her lectureship. At Westminster, Rosemary changed the area of her research. Her main research interests are now in the area of environmental psychology, particularly: social psychological aspects of pro-environmental behaviours (from recycling to activism); values, beliefs and attitudes that underlie concern for the environment. Rosemary's teaching is mainly in research methods and statistics in psychology, and environmental psychology, for undergraduates and MSc students. She also teaches a short course, on using AMOS graphics for structural equation modelling, to academics and research students from other Universities.