Corporate Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Strategy in Large Organizations

by Paul Burns

Leadership test

The leadership grid, developed by Blake and Mouton in 1978 shows leadership style as dependent upon the leader's concern for task compared to their concern for people. Assess your preferred style by answering the questions on page 110 of the book. You should consider yourself to be in a 'typical' managerial situation, as your preferred style may well change in different contexts.

Your position on the Leadership Grid shows your natural concerns between task and people - which you naturally give preference to. Entrepreneurs are usually more concerned with completing the task but, as the firm grows and they supervise more people, must become more concerned with people if the tasks are to be accomplished. Task leadership may be appropriate in certain situations, for example emergencies, but concern for people must surface at some point if effective, trusting relationships are to develop and the entrepreneur is to become a more effective manager and leader. Low concern for both people and task is hardly leadership at all. High concern for people - the country-club style - is rare in business but can be appropriate in community groups, small charities or social clubs where good relationships and high morale might be the dominant objectives.