Entrepreneurial Marketing

Sustaining Growth in All Organisations

by Ian Chaston

About this book

Entrepreneurial marketing is used to challenge conventions and create new forms of competitive advantage. It is focused on encouraging businesses firstly to understand how other organisations operate in the market and secondly to do something completely different.

Marrying innovative marketing strategies with an understanding of what makes an enterprise successful, the second edition of Entrepreneurial Marketing applies marketing and entrepreneurship theory to organizations of all sizes, featuring a wealth of updated, international case studies. Traditionally entrepreneurial marketing has been perceived as the domain of small firms, but this book also considers major companies such as Apple and Google and analyses their sustained growth and financial success in an increasingly difficult consumer environment.

Key features:
  • Written by a pioneer of entrepreneurial marketing.
  • The only entrepreneurial marketing textbook of its kind to cover both SMEs and large firms.
  • Includes up-to-date and innovative coverage of the public sector and digital marketing.