Business Research

A Practical Guide for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

by Jill Collis and Roger Hussey

What's new for the 4th edition?


  • Rewritten Chapter 1 to provide stronger opening to the book, incorporating sections from Chapter 2 in the third edition, which has been moved to the website
  • Expanded coverage of the collection and analysis of qualitative data. Two chapters from the third edition have been substantially revised and restructured to provide three chapters in this edition: Chapter 8 Collecting qualitative data; Chapter 9 Analyzing qualitative data; and Chapter 10 Integrated collection and analysis methods
  • Expanded discussion on research ethics in new Chapter 2 Dealing with practical issues
  • New Vox pop feature adds the voice of students to the book, as they share their experiences and the challenges they have overcome in their research


  • Stronger international outlook
  • Even stronger focus on the practical elements of research – ideal for UG students undertaking dissertations


  • End of chapter activities, which consolidate learning by and engaging the student directly


  • Stylish new two-colour text design
  • Ideal wide royal format


  • Progress tests features moved online in an interactive format to allow students to instantly access the answer after every question, and learn as they move through the test. Useful for revision