Land Law

Ninth edition

by Mark Davys

Learn the facts about land law

The Palgrave Law Masters series is a long-established list of titles providing clear, concise and authoritative guides to the main subject areas, written by experienced and respected authors.

This ninth edition of Land Law has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent developments in the subject. It is an ideal companion for students studying land law as part of a law degree or the GDL/CPE and for students taking the subject as part of a surveying or estate management course.

Useful student tools include end of chapter summaries, self-test exercises and suggestions for further reading. The book also includes mind maps at the beginning of each chapter to aid understanding.

This new edition of Land Law provides an up-to-date, stimulating and engaging account of the subject and deserves to be recognised as one of the leading student texts available. -Dr Heather Conway, School of Law, Queen's University, Belfast.

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