Land Law

Ninth edition

by Mark Davys

Suggested Answer to Exercise 7.3 (Part 1)

Approaching the Question

The suggested answer contained in these pages is designed to illustrate how to answer Exercise 7.3 whilst also helping you to develop your problem answering skills.

  • It is only an illustration - there is no one right way to answer any question.
  • It is in note form – you need to develop and practice your own style of answering questions.
  • The circumstances in this particular question are very similar to those of a decided case. When answering the question it is not enough to simply refer the examiner to the case of X v Y. You must demonstrate to the examiners that you can explain and apply the law.
  • This question also illustrates how issues relating to land law are rarely confined to one convenient topic on the syllabus. Some understanding of the rules relating to co-owned land (see Land Law, Chapters 10 and 11) will be helpful when answering this question.

Before you go to the next page, make notes under the following headings:

  • What are the issues in this question (what does Emily want to know)?
  • What rules will you need to use to answer Emily’s questions?