Video Production

Putting theory into practice

by Steve Dawkins and Ian Wynd

Production Roles and Responsibilities

Whatever the size and composition of your crew, in order to work effectively and successfully, each member needs to understand exactly what their function is and how it fits in with the other members of the crew.

Each of the links below will take you to an outline of the production roles that are specific to a different genre of video. They are listed in order of the chapters withinVideo Production (for a more general introduction to the roles, see Chapter 4 of the book). Of course, you don’t have to stick to exactly what’s here but these guidelines draw directly on the authors’ own production experience and will give invaluable guidance. We’d also recommend that you have a code of conduct that should include behaviour while shooting and health and safety, but should also include less obvious things like dress code and use of language. Having such a code that you all agree to and abide by is essential: a scruffy, poorly organised, unprofessional crew is unlikely to instil confidence in anyone participating in the production from outside.