Technology Entrepreneurship

Bringing Innovation to the Marketplace

by Natasha Evers, James Cunningham and Thomas Hoholm


The authors comprehensively outline effective approaches to marketing and selling innovations – important topics that have limited coverage in most of the existing texts on entrepreneurship. They have also done an excellent job in highlighting the two key elements of successful technology entrepreneurship, by emphasising both the processes needed to validate the market for the developed innovation/technology, and how to actually design the ‘winning business model’.- Olli Kuivalainen, Professor, International Marketing, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
Evers, Cunningham and Hoholm meet a particularly important need here by providing students with the knowledge as well as practical tools required to transform scientific and technological research or ideas into business opportunities with the aim of establishing high-growth ventures. Given a context where high-growth technology start-ups are viewed as significant to economic recovery and growth, and universities - as producers of knowledge - are assumed to take a more central position in the innovation system of a nation or region through commercialisation activities, this book is very well placed. It is a comprehensive, insightful and significant resource for those wishing to learn about the process of technology entrepreneurship.- Majella Giblin, Ussher Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, School of Business, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
This book is immensely comprehensive and superbly pulls together and applies a panoply of management frameworks to the ‘process’ of creating technology ventures in a way I’ve not seen before.- Jeff Skinner, Executive Director of the Deloitte Institution of innovation and Entrepreneurship, London Business School, UK
For the reader who wants to know how to do 'technology entrepreneurship' this book presents, in an accessible format, what we know about technology entrepreneurship. Contemporary examples illustrate the realities of technology entrepreneurship. The book provides practical advice on how those with technological knowledge might exploit this via entrepreneurship.- Colm O’Gorman, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Dublin College University Business School, Ireland
Reading Technology Entrepreneurship is a must for the students and scholars of entrepreneurship and the creators, guardians, policy makers and supporters of technology. Evers, Cunningham, and Hoholm have recognized the duality of entrepreneurship and technology and have written a book that bridges the divide between the two disciplines to bring them well within the easy grasp of engineers, scientists and inventors who aspire to commercialize their new ideas, new findings and inventions in a marketplace where many new technology-based products and services compete for the end user’s discriminating eye for high value. The 12 well-structured and very clearly written chapters of the book cover all the influential and detracting factors that all agents, including those in the scientific and creative, entrepreneurial and business, and policy formulation communities, need to have at their fingertips to ensure success. This volume’s rich combination of pedagogical, structural and informative components provides the concepts, tools and methods that concerned agents need to have, even if they are not currently and directly involved with technological entrepreneurship.- Hamid Etemad, McGill University, Canada