Introduction to International Relations

Enduring Questions and Contemporary Perspectives

by Joseph Grieco, G. John Ikenberry and Michael Mastanduno

Chapter 8: International Economics: Basic Theory and Core Institutions

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Outside resources

Video resources

  • Check out this video about some of the controversy surrounding Chiquita Bananas, one of the first and most influential MNEs in the world (Warning: contains some graphic images).
  • To see video that explains MNEs (called multinational corporations, or MNCs, in the video) clearly and in detail and outlines some criticisms of MNEs, click here.
  • For an Allen Sens video explaining dependencia, go here.
  • Check out another Allen Sens video, this time on free trade. At the end of this video, there’s an interesting bit about the impact of free trade on peace. Enjoy!

Primary sources and further learning

  • Check out this website that tracks protectionist measures by country.

Relevant news articles

  • Take a look at this brief article showing how the WTO can affect individual countries’ trade laws.
  • Read this article criticizing US protectionism in its trade relationship with China.
  • Check out this article from the Moscow Times discussing the weakness of the Russian ruble, fixed exchange rates, currency market intervention, and other similar issues.

Games and activities

  • Try your hand playing this game about the World Trade Organization!