Introduction to International Relations

Enduring Questions and Contemporary Perspectives

by Joseph Grieco, G. John Ikenberry and Michael Mastanduno

Chapter 12: The Environment and International Relations

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Outside resources

Video resources

  • Watch this video on dolphin slaughter in Japan, narrated by Matt Damon.
  • Check out this video explaining the Tragedy of the Commons. This same site also has a great video explaining the Prisoner’s Dilemma and its relevance to both international negotiations and Marxism.
  • To hear a discussion on the impact of climate change on global food security, visit here.

Primary sources and further learning

  • To read the original text of MARPOL 1973, visit here.
  • To read the original text of the US-Canada Air Quality Agreement and subsequent progress reports, visit here.

Relevant news articles

  • Read this article on the dangers of overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Read this story about deforestation in Indonesia.
  • Check out this new study that aims to debunk denials of climate change.
  • Read this story about South Korea’s response to climate change.
  • Read this story about the impact of China’s energy sector on climate change.
  • To read a fascinating story about how overfishing and marine population are turning the oceans into a failed state (connecting Chapters 11 and 12), check this out.

Games and activities

  • Check out how the climate has changed over time. This interactive tool from NASA allows you to examine how sea ice, sea levels, carbon emissions, and temperature have changed over time.
  • Play a game, either by yourself or with friends, that shows some of the basic effects of weather. Brought to you by NASA. Check it out!
  • Play the BBC’s climate challenge game! Be a world leader in Europe, and see if you can reduce carbon emissions while maintaining a strong economy and popularity with voters.
  • Play this game from the UN/ISDR and help protect communities from natural disasters!