Introduction to International Relations

Enduring Questions and Contemporary Perspectives

by Joseph Grieco, G. John Ikenberry and Michael Mastanduno

Author video debates

In the eight videos below, the authors demonstrate different viewpoints in International Relations by engaging in lively debate. There are two videos relating to each part in the book; these can be viewed at the start of each new part as an introduction to what topics will be covered. The questions debated have been chosen to expand upon the issues raised in the book and to inspire further debate.

Please note that these are educational videos to be used in conjunction with Introduction to International Relations. They are designed to present a range of perspectives on key questions within International Relations, and views expressed should not necessarily be taken to represent those of the authors.

Part 1: Foundations of International Relations

Q1: Is the history of international relations characterized by progress or continuity?

Q2: Why do we have so many theories of international relations?

Part 2: War and Peace: An Introduction to Security Studies

Q1: Are China and Russia ‘revisionist states’?

Q2: Is war between great powers a thing of the past?

Part 3: Wealth and Power: An Introduction to International Political Economy

Q1: What does globalization mean and what are its effects?

Q2: Do International Organizations promote peace, prosperity and justice?

Part 4: Contemporary Challenges and the Future of International Relations

Q1: What are the main global challenges facing the international community?

Q2: What might the future hold for international relations?