Managing Strategic Design

by Ray Holland and Busayawan Lam


This is a really valuable book which will be a comprehensive introduction to design management and strategic design for the beginner and a handbook for the expert. This is a timely and very welcome addition to existing publications in this area. – Tom Cassidy, The School of Design, The University of Leeds, UK
Managing Strategic Design is not only useful for providing the foundation and grounding that students need, it also provides practitioners with practical tools and perspectives that can be directly translated into action. I can highly recommend this book as a truly useful reference and guide for students of design management, as well as practicing professionals. – Les Wynn, Manager, Experience Design Europe, HCL Technologies Ltd
Managing Strategic Design provides a great integration of strategic design theories and practical case studies, which not only introduces the fundamental theories but, most importantly, demonstrates how these theories can be applied in a business context. This book is a perfect essential reading material for Design Management students. - Yuanyuan Yin, Southampton University, UK