Global Strategic Management

Third edition

by Philippe Lasserre

What makes this book so special?

Global Strategic Management embraces traditional strategic management teaching, but extends it to a world scale.
  • It focuses squarely on firms and employees – zeroing in on issues faced by both when operating globally and covering ‘traditional’ strategy theory from a global perspective as well topics unique to global companies
I like the basic tenet of the book; it is really about global strategy and operations of the firms and not about macro-level environment or trade policy. - Olli Kuivalainen, LUT, Finland
  • It provides students with all the key tools for managing globally – including practical information on typical expatriate packages and a skills development section for global managers
The concrete, practical advice on operational aspects of global management is really good. - Sai Lan, Peking University, China
  • It is packed with examples and Mini Cases based on ‘transnational’ corporations – the new edition is packed with examples and new Mini Cases appear at the end of every chapter
The Mini Cases and examples are particularly good. - Fabrizio Perretti, Bocconi University, Italy
I really like how the important themes and issues are consistently tied to real-life business through examples. - Olli Kuivalainen, LUT, Finland
  • The author’s experience lends authority to the book. Philippe Lasserre is Emeritus Professor of the prestigious INSEAD School of Business, and many of the cases in the book come from the high quality research conducted there. Lasserre has also been a consultant in strategic management and international business for 35 years.