Global Strategic Management

Third edition

by Philippe Lasserre

Web resources

The following list of web resources are divided up by chapter and are useful for students who want to explore further. The resources they link to consist of articles, data, reports, country rankings, surveys, research and much more, and will be very helpful for completing projects.

Chapter 1
The database of INSEAD Knowledge under the category of Globalization
Business Week – Globalization
McKinsey Quarterly – Globalization
Provides information on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including its 19 member countries, its organization and values.
Provides information about the WTO
Provides statistics and papers from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
World Bank data online
UNCTAD data, particularly the World Investment Report section
OECD resources
European Union data

Chapter 2
Business Week - Global business
Forbes Global Magazine online, with a section on companies and strategies
Harvard cases and Harvard Business review reprints
McKinsey consulting business review
Ernst & Young Consulting
A. T. Kearney consulting
BCG Consulting Publications

Chapter 3
Booz Allen consulting: see the section on Ideas and insights: strategy and organization
BCG Consulting Publications
Provides industries data

Chapter 4
Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals
McKinsey Quarterly: see the section on alliances

Chapter 5
Provides statistics on M&As
Bain & Company publications
BCG Consulting Publications

Chapter 6
Countries database from the World Bank
Ease of doing business from the World Bank
UNCTAD World Investment reports
Global competitiveness ranking
Provides industries and countries data
Country risks reports online
Industries and countries information,2340,en_2649_34171_1901105_1_1_1_1,00.html
Country risk classification
From the French export insurance company

Chapter 7
See various publications from UNCTAD

Chapter 8
Market research
Market research
Industries and countries information
Annual survey from Accenture

Chapter 9
Global manufacturing index published by Deloitte consulting
IT data information
Technology research

Chapter 10
National Sciences Foundation

Chapter 11
On business etiquette
List of books on negotiations

Chapter 12
A link to the International Personnel Management Association
Community website created for and by expatriates
International online network for people who live and work abroad

Chapter 13
Global financial information
IMF website
Euroweek provides information on the global capital markets spanning Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas

Chapter 14
Business information on emerging markets
World Bank website
UNCTAD website
List of websites devoted to emerging markets

Chapter 15
Corpwatch’s Globalization and Corporate Rule website, which covers the institutions that are the agents of globalization

Chapter 16
The IMF website
The OECD website
The Millennium Project website
The Central Intelligence Agency website
National Intelligence Council global scenarios