Discovering Sociology

by Mark McCormack, Eric Anderson, Kimberly Jamie and Matthew David

Discovering Sociology online

Welcome to the companion website; explore the links below for a range of fully-integrated teaching and learning resources that complement and expand upon your journey with the book.

  • A Guide to Sociology on the Internet
  • Author Videos - the book's authors offer a chapter-by-chapter overview of what's covered in the book, explaining why these key issues have been included and what the pressing questions around them are for today's sociology.In addition, longer discussion pieces see the authors going beyond the chapter structure to examine key issues or themes in our world today and how these are reflected in the learning and teaching of sociology.
  • Discovering More - extra content that complements and continues discussions in the book.
  • Discovering Sociology Across the Globe – looking beyond the US and UK-centric sociological canon, this feature examines issues in society and sociology from across the globe.
  • An Interactive Glossary of the key sociological terms encountered in the text.
  • eProvocations – another batch of thought-provoking challenges to our personal and cultural assumptions.
  • eVox Pops – Where you can submit your own life experiences in real time and discuss how they reflect what you are learning in the book - and also read about your fellow readers and their experiences of different countries and cultures worldwide

For instructors there is also a Lecturer Guide – This valuable booklet-style teaching companion provides tips on how to use each chapter; activities and exercises, including extra assesment questions for each chapter; and a guide to getting the most out of both the book and the companion website.

All this online content will be updated and refreshed throughout the lifetime of the book, to ensure that Discovering Sociology continues to be the most relevant and resonant text out there, fully in tune with the issues and concerns that face the new generation of sociology students.