European Union Politics

Second edition

by John McCormick Understanding the European Union, 6th edition Why Europe Matters Environmental Policy in the European Union Contemporary Britain, 3rd edition

Multiple choice questions

Chapter 1: Understanding integration
Chapter 2: What is the European Union?
Chapter 3: Who are the Europeans?
Chapter 4: Organizing Postwar Europe
Chapter 5: The European Economic Community
Chapter 6: From Single Market to European Union
Chapter 7: To the Euro Crisis and Beyond
Chapter 8: The Treaties
Chapter 9: The Member States
Chapter 10: The European Commission
Chapter 11: The Councils
Chapter 12: The European Parliament
Chapter 13: The European Court of Justice
Chapter 14: Specialized Agencies
Chapter 15: Parties and Interest Groups
Chapter 16: Elections and Referendums
Chapter 17: Public Opinion
Chapter 18: Public Policy in the EU
Chapter 19: Economic Policy
Chapter 20: Inside the Euro Zone
Chapter 21: Cohesion Policy
Chapter 22: Managing Resources
Chapter 23: Justice and Home Affairs
Chapter 24: The EU as a Global Actor
Chapter 25: The EU and the World