Politics and Governance in the UK

Second edition

by Michael Moran

Extra Resources - Chapter 05

The most important overview of the government of the European Union is Nugent (2010). A very good study of 'dynamics' - the institutions in operation - is Beach (2005). Dinan (1999) is a study of the integration process. The most important historical study of the development of the Union is Milward (1992); however, Urwin (1995) is perhaps easier for the beginner. George (1998), though now dating, is the standard history of the relations between Britain and the Union. An exceptionally important chapter length study of the Europeanisation of the system of government is Bulmer and Burch (2000), while Bulmer, et al (2002) explore the impact of Europe on the devolved system. Bulmer and Burch (2009) do for the core executive what they had earlier done for the devolved system. Cowles and Dinan et al (2004) is an overview of institutional and policy developments. Two studies of particularly important and contentious issues in Britain are by Grant (1997) and Levitt and Lord (2000). Young, H. (1998) and Young J. (2000) are two rather different (in style) accounts of the modern history of Britain and Europe.

For this chapter there is also one outstanding specialised journal which produces a stream of material, the Journal of Common Market Studies, available in most academic libraries.

The best web site for this chapter is the European Union portal: http://www.eu.int/index_en.htm.