Politics and Governance in the UK

Second edition

by Michael Moran

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  1. Why Politics Matters and Why British Politics Matters
  2. Britain as a Capitalist Democracy
  3. Britain in a Globalizing World
  4. Culture, Constitutions and British Politics
  5. Europeanizing British Politics
  6. The Core Executive in the Westminster System
  7. Departments and Agencies in the Westminster System
  8. Representing Interests in the Westminster System
  9. Parliament in the Westminster System
  10. The Devolved Systems of Governance: Scotland and Wales
  11. Devolved Government in Northern Ireland
  12. The Worlds of Local and Regional Government: Multi-level Governance in Action
  13. How Citizens Participate
  14. Parties and their Organization
  15. Parties and their Ideologies
  16. How Political Communication Happens
  17. How Elections are Decided
  18. How Leaders are Selected
  19. Understanding Policy Under Multi-level Governance
  20. Raising and Allocating Resources
  21. The State, Public Order and Security
  22. The State and the Citizen
  23. Understanding the British State, Theories and Evidence