The Global Business Environment

Meeting the Challenges, third edition

by Janet Morrison

What's new for the third edition?

New content
There are six new chapters (chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 12 and 13) and the chapters that remain have been completely revised to reflect recent shifts in the global business environment.
Deeper coverage of globalisation
The third edition of The Global Business Environment maintains the central focus on globalisation that characterised previous editions of this successful textbook. Central challenges in today’s business environment – from climate change and corporate social responsibility to the recent financial crisis – are explored in detail.
Analysis of the BRIC economies
There is a particular focus throughout the book on emerging economies, especially the BRICs: Brazil, Russia, India and China.
Outstanding new case studies
All 26 case studies are new, up-to-date, and cover a wide range of global issues (see case studies). Each chapter contains two new case study features: ‘Meet the CEO’ and ‘Exploring the Global Business Environment’.
Focus on critical thinking
The pedagogy in The Global Business Environment is designed to encourage critical thinking at every turn: at the beginning of each chapter, attention is drawn to the ‘critical themes’ that run through the textbook; in each chapter there are a number of ‘critical thinking’ questions, and all chapters finish with key revision terms, questions to check understanding and assignments. These learning features, combined with a comprehensive on-page glossary, regular summaries and a clear, engaging writing style, make for a highly accessible and readable textbook.
Companion website
This website is designed to support both lecturers in their teaching and students in their learning. The lecturer zone provides guideline answers for case studies, additional teaching materials and guidance, together with Powerpoint slides for lectures. The student zone contains a number of additional case studies, multiple choice questions, updates on several of the case studies featured in the book, and weblinks to help you continue your exploration of the global business environment.