The Global Business Environment

Meeting the Challenges, third edition

by Janet Morrison

Chapter 12 resources

Student materials

Learning objectives:

  1. To gain an overview of the foundations of ethical principles and how they are applied.
  2. To examine the elements of corporate social responsibility in theory and practice.
  3. To highlight the relationship between CSR and corporate governance.
  4. To assess social issues in developed and developing economies, with implications for CSR and sustainability.

Additional case studies:

Disney Corporation: it all started with a mouse.
This case study focuses on corporate governance. It will be of value in conjunction with Chapter 1 and Chapter 12.

Ryanair and the revolution in low-cost travel
This case study focuses on an industry which continues to be in the limelight. It is relevant to the issues discussed in a number of chapters, including Chapters 1, 5, 8 and 11.

A bright future for Coca-Cola?
This extended case study concerns the company’s strategy and organization. It also raises ethical issues. It is relevant to Chapters 1, 2, 5 and 12.

New era of the flexible friend in Asia
As Asian consumer societies continue to grow, this case study provides background on the pitfalls of rapid expansion of consumer credit. It is relevant to Chapters 6, and also Chapter 9 (on finance) and Chapter 12 (on ethics and CSR).

Testing times for democracy in Nigeria
This case study is on political developments in Nigeria, and also CSR. It relates mainly to Chapter 7 (on the political environment), but also Chapter 12 (on ethics and CSR).

Costa Rican democracy reaps FDI rewards
This case study focuses on the political environment in Costa Rica, especially in relation to foreign investors. It relates to Chapter 7 and is also relevant to Chapter 2 and Chapter 12.

Asbestos liability goes global
Legal claims across national borders are the subject of this case study, highlighting an issue that continues to be important in international business. It relates to Chapter 8, and also Chapter 12.

The worldwide garment industry: winners and losers
This industry is critical in many developing countries, where the issues highlighted continue to cause concern. It relates to Chapters 4 and 12.

Vibrant coffee culture contrasts with woes for producers
This case study highlights the difficulties of producers in relation to the global companies which dominate the industry. It relates to Chapter 12.