Global Political Economy

Evolution and dynamics, sixth edition

by Robert O'Brien and Marc Williams

Podcasts and Videos

Chapter 1 - Liberalism

A humorous take on an economic debate between two greats of liberal thought locked in a rap off - it is John Maynard Keynes vs. Frederick Hayeck (7:33 minutes).

Chapter 6 - Trade

Guardian FairTrade podcast:

Chapter 7- Global Production

Trailer for Edward Burtynsky’s film Manufactured Landscapes

Business school view of global production management:

Chapter 8 - Finance

‘Euro crisis: three years of pain’ The Guardian, 2 November 2012. Interactive graphic showing key events of Euro sovereign debt crisis.

Podcast ‘On the Euro Crisis: Continental Break’ (57 mins) up from This American Life (NPR), 20 January 2012

Chapter 9 - Labour

Highlights from a UN seminar given by author Guy Standing on ‘The Precariat: the Dangerous Class’

Chapter 10 - Gender

World Economic Forum on Global Gender Gap

Al Jazeera story on trafficking of women from Central Asia to the Middle East

Chapter 12 - Environment

The Story of Electronics: A look at issue of electronics waste

Lecture on the politics of Climate Change Denial
Professor Naoimi Oakes,UCSD, ‘The American Denial of Climate Change’

Chapter 13 - Ideas

Professor Mark Blyth (Watson Institute, Brown University) on the idea and politics of austerity:

Chapter 14 - Security

Trailer for Nicolas Cage movie about arms merchants:

Professor Mary Kaldor on insecurity:

Chapter 15 Governance

David Held on Global Governance