Palgrave Career Skills

Advice for Students and Graduates on Careers Options, Jobs, Volunteering, Applications, Interviews and Self-employment

by Eileen Cunningham, Kathleen Houston, Marielle Kelly, Steve Rook and Bruce Woodcock

Excel at Graduate Interviews

About this book

Interviews are an important part of the job application process and, without proper preparation, can be intimidating. This book will guide you through the essential steps in planning for an interview and creating a strong first impression, so that you can approach them confidently. It will show you how to identify where your skills lie and how best to get these across to employers, by helping you craft answers to common questions and create strategies for unpredictable ones, as well as giving tips on telephone, video and Skype interviews. This book also covers recent developments such as cultural fit, situational judgement questions and strengths-based interviews.

Throughout the book, insights from employers and real-life experiences of other candidates demonstrate the dos and don'ts at different stages of the process. A range of exercises help you to practise what you have learned and to reflect on each experience, so that you can continue to improve your interview skills.

Exercises from the book

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