Construction Technology 1

House construction, fourth edition

by Mike Riley and Alison Cotgrave

Chapter 7 case study 2: Timber frame house construction

The structural frame of the house is formed in pre-manufactured timber panels. Here we see the panel form inside the building awaiting installation of the insulation and fixing of the inner lining.

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The timber base rail is fixed to the edge of the raft foundation ensuring that there is no risk of moisture ingress. The floor screed is then applied up to the base rail. Note the protective breather paper fixed to the external face of the timber frame panels.

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The structural frame of the house is erected and the roof is formed and covered. The timber panels are protected from the elements by breather paper while they await the erection of the external brick cladding. Note that the window is already fixed to the inner panel, surrounded by damp-proof course material. The fixing allows the window frame to project outwards, allowing the external brick cladding to be built around it. Note also the double head rail at the top of the panel that supports the first floor joists.

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The internal walls are loadbearing as they support the floors above. Note the deep timber lintol above the door opening.