Construction Technology 1

House construction, fourth edition

by Mike Riley and Alison Cotgrave

Chapter 11: windows and doors


The windows seen here are of two different types. The window to the left is a softwood unit, while that to the right is manufactured from PVCu. They are both fixed using galvanised steel brackets screwed to the external wall reveal. Note in the case of the PVCu unit that the cavity is closed using a proprietary insulated closer.


Here we see two different examples of internal doors. The glazed door provides quite a different appearance and allows natural light to pass through, creating a feeling of openness. The flush door, by comparision, provides greater privacy and provides a decorative finish.

The choice of external door affects the aesthetics of the dwelling. In terms of functional performance, the use of glazed doors assists in providing a light interior; however, they are less secure than solid units.