Social Research

Fourth edition

by Sotirios Sarantakos


Praise for the third edition
Sarantakos has retained the rigour, content and 'flavour' of the earlier edition whilst adding relevant new and necessary content...It is a well-balanced text that is both comprehensive and detailed. Above all, it is very readable and very understandable. -Rob O'Neil, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Western Sydney, Australia
One of the most extensive books I have read. Covers every facet from designing, theoretical and statistical test and the how to get published. Many books I have read on social research rarely cover the stats. The level and language is certainly accessible while remaining scholarly. -Tom Farrelly, Department of Health Science, Institute of Technology Tralee, Ireland
Sarantakos is to be congratulated on this new edition for its comprehensive presentation of the milieu of research methods that can be used by the social researcher but also for the lucid manner [in which] information has been articulated. -Emeritus Professor John Dekjers, Central Queensland University, Australia