Second European Edition

by Daniel Schacter, Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Wegner and Bruce Hood

PsychSim 5 interactive activities

This page provides you with links to a host of interactive PsychSim exercises which can be used to find out more about key topics, or consolidate what you already know. PsychSim is an award-winning software from Thomas Ludwig that brings a wide range of psychology's core concepts and methods to life.

Chapter 1
Psychology's Timeline

Chapter 2
Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 3
Brain and Behaviour
Hemispheric Specialization
Neural Messages
The Hypothalamus

Chapter 4
The Auditory System
Visual Illusions
Colourful World

Chapter 5
Iconic Memory
Trusting your Memory
Short-term Memory
When Memory Fails

Chapter 6
Finding your Way
Classical Conditioning
Operant Conditioning

Chapter 7
Mental Rotation Problem Solving

Chapter 8
Sleep Stages
Your Mind on Drugs

Chapter 9
Get Smart

Chapter 10
Expressing Emotion
Catching Liars

Chapter 11
Cognitive Development

Chapter 12
Learning by Observation
Forming an Identity

Chapter 13
No activity

Chapter 14
Social Decision Making
Dating and Mating
Not My Type

Chapter 15
Social Influence

Chapter 16
Psychological Disorders
Personal Control and Optimism
Losing Touch with Reality

Chapter 17
Computer Therapist
All Stressed Out