The Effective Social Worker

by Neil Thompson and Sue Thompson


There are numerous journals published by a variety of publishing houses, and many of these can inform social work education and practice. Some have a social work focus but are general in their coverage, while others are more directly linked to specific disciplines. In addition, there are journals which relate to human services issues more generally, and these can broaden your understanding of the wider context in which people live out their lives. Journals add an extra dimension to the list of resources you can call upon to inform your work, and we would urge you to take time to explore what is out there. The range of journals available is too big for us to even try to provide a comprehensive list of those which might meet your need or interest, but the list below should be a useful start:

Journal of Social Work

British Journal of Social Work

European Journal of Social Work

International Social Work

Australian Social Work

Social Work (US-based)

Canadian Social Work

Social Work Education

Journal of Social Work Practice

Critical Social Policy

Social Policy and Society

Learning in Health and Social Care

Childcare in Practice

British Journal of Psychology

British Journal of Social Psychology

British Journal of Sociology 1/(ISSN)1468-4446

Youth Justice

Illness, Crisis and Loss

Ageing and Society