The Effective Social Worker

by Neil Thompson and Sue Thompson

Effective Communication 3rd edition

Communication is at the heart of all work with people and their problems. Whatever the setting, poor communication can prove very damaging in its consequences. However, at its most effective, it has the power to ensure the promotion of equality and well-being.

This new edition of an essential text offers a clear and informative introduction to the subtleties and practical complexities of communication. Drawing on a wide-ranging theory base from across the social sciences, it demonstrates how key ideas from a number of disciplines provide a sound foundation for informed and sensitive practice. This edition includes:
  • A consistent focus on the importance of communication within
    interprofessional and multidisciplinary contexts;
  • New chapters on communication within specific settings, such as
    working with children and with groups;
  • New discussion of potential difficulties in communication – for
    example, as a result of disability issues or the challenges of intercultural
  • A broad range of learning resources, such as activities, 'points to
    ponder' and 'voice of experience' comments, reflecting practitioners'
    real-world experience.
With its clear practice focus and emphasis on reflection throughout, Effective Communication is a key text for everyone across the people professions. It is an ideal introduction for students and practitioners of social work, nursing, health and social care, counselling and pastoral care, teaching and educational support, probation work, youth and community work, and advice studies, as well as managers, leaders, supervisors and human resource professionals.