Economics of Development

Theory and Evidence, ninth edition

by A.P. Thirlwall

Table of Contents

Part I Development and underdevelopment

  1. The study of economic development
  2. The development gap and the measurement of poverty
  3. The characteristics of underdevelopment and structural change
  4. The role of institutions in economic development
  5. Theories of economic growth: why growth rates differ between countries

Part II Factors in the development process

  1. The role of agriculture and surplus labour for industrialization
  2. Capital accumulation, technical progress and techniques of production

Part III The perpetuation of underdevelopment

  1. Dualism, centre–periphery models and the process of cumulative causation
  2. Population and development

Part IV The role of the state, the allocation of resources, and sustainable development

  1. Resource allocation in developing countries, and sustainable development
  2. Project appraisal, social cost–benefit analysis and shadow wages
  3. Development and the environment

Part V Financing economic development

  1. Financing development from domestic resources
  2. Foreign assistance, aid, debt and development

Part VI International trade, the balance of payments and development

  1. Trade theory, trade policy and economic development
  2. The balance of payments, international monetary assistance and development