An Introduction to Information Systems

by David Whiteley


The clarity hit the market it is aimed at. It is a very well written and constructed book. It is not overly technical, the language is appropriate and provides the reader with a clear understanding of the topic discussed. ... I will be recommending this book. It will meet the requirements of my students very well. -Alistair Beere, Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
It has many good points but the strongest point from my perspective is its jargon free language that would be easily understood by students – its written in very simplistic and real life language and content is easily accessible to anyone. I have not seen many books like this. I truly admire author's effort gone in presenting a relatively complex subject in such a simple language. Other selling points are use of cases, boxes and comprehensive coverage of this book which can contribute to a number of module at all three UG levels. -Yogesh Dwivedi, The School of Business, Swansea University, UK
A very clearly written and well structured text incorporating relevant examples... I can see myself adopting this text for my UG students. -Matt Glowatz, UCD School of Business, Ireland
The structure, language and style are all excellent. The book is very accessible since it provides sufficient guidance and the material is developed from first principles. ... I would recommend it to students with no prior exposure to IT/IS. -Pericles Lucopoulos, Loughborough University, UK
I like the look and feel of the manuscript. It has a different angle through the introduction of a real-life system. -Carl Marnewick, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
The approach is good and suitable for my students who do not have a strong computer science/maths background. It doesn't make assumptions about how much background knowledge they have. ... Very strong information, well explained and detailed, not much left out at all in the topics a good coverage of the necessary content with engaging easy to understand case studies. -Marie van der Klooster, Deakin University, Australia