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Politics (5th Edition)


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Pages: 528

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Paperback - 9781352005455

12 March 2019


Hardcover - 9781352005486

12 March 2019


Ebook - 9781352005462

12 March 2019


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The fifth edition of this seminal textbook by best-selling author Andrew Heywood continues to lead the way in providing a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to politics. Renowned for its engaging and accessible...

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The fifth edition of this seminal textbook by best-selling author Andrew Heywood continues to lead the way in providing a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to politics. Renowned for its engaging and accessible style, this book helps students to understand the discipline’s foundational concepts and theories and use these to make sense of its key subfields, from elections and voting to security and global governance. Systematically revised and updated throughout, it also uses a range of tried-and-tested pedagogical features to draw links between different standpoints and help make contemporary institutions, events and developments come to life. 
Drawing on a wide range of international examples, this text is the ideal choice for lecturers around the world. Carefully designed and written to map onto the way the subject is introduced at degree level, it remains the go-to text for undergraduate introductory and comparative politics courses. Furthermore, it can also be used as pre-course reading or as a point of reference throughout politics degrees, majors or minors.

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  • Long established as the market-leading introduction to politics.
  • Written in Andrew Heywood's hallmark accessible and engaging style, clearly linking theoretical discussion with empirical examples.
  • Comprehensive coverage from political theory and key thinkers to key aspects of government and international relations.
  • Truly international in scope with examples drawn from all over the world.
  • Packed with pedagogical features including Politics in Action case studies, Debating boxes, `Focus on' boxes and Key thinker profiles.

  • Restructured and revised to reflect the decline of democracy and the rise of populism and authoritarianism in different parts of the world.
  • New Politics in Action features reflect the latest political developments - including `Trump's triumph: politics as polarization'; `South Africa: a one-party state?'; and `North Korea: a rouge nuclear power?'.
  • Discusses the transformation of the media landscape, assessing the advent and impact of social media and `fake news'.
  • New and improved text design reflecting the book's contemporary and engaging coverage.
  • Accompanied by a brand new website, featuring a flashcard glossary, additional cases, interactive simulations and weblinks for students, while for lecturers there are PowerPoint slides relating to each chapter of the book, a testbank and a guide to using the book.

1. What is Politics?
2. Political Ideas and Ideologies
3. Politics and the State
4. Democracy and Legitimacy
5. Regimes of the Modern World
6. Nations and Nationalism
7. Political Economy and Globalization
8. Politics, Society and Identity
9. Political Culture and the Media
10. Representation, Elections and Voting
11. Parties and Party Systems
12. Groups, Interests and Movements
13. Constitutions, Law and Judges
14. Political Executives and Leadership
15. Assemblies
16. Bureaucracies
17. Multilevel Politics
18. Security: Domestic and International
19. World Order and Global Governance
20. Is Politics Broken? .
Student resources available on the companion website include the following:
  • Flashcard glossary
  • Additional Politics in Action cases
  • Interactive simulations
  • Weblinks
  • Links to data
To access this free material, follow the link below (the website will go live upon publication of the book): 
Politics was the first textbook I bought and read as an undergraduate and I have seen it benefit many more students since. Successive editions have provided a brilliant foundation for those eager to learn, engaging them with the joy of new understandings of complex political phenomena. – Matthew Ryan, University of Southampton, UK
As with every edition that has preceded this latest, updated edition, Andrew Heywood manages to render complex concepts, ideas, institutions and debates accessible and engaging for students. This is a comprehensive and incredibly useful resource for both student and educator alike. – Narelle Miragliotta, Monash University, Australia
This comprehensive and coherent textbook provides the best available introduction to the study of politics. Andrew Heywood organizes the material into meaningful categories, explores the major disciplinary debates with remarkable clarity, and carefully selects detailed examples that greatly enhance understanding. The book is highly accessible, and yet also sophisticated. Students are well advised to hang on to their copies for future reference. The fifth edition, meanwhile, seamlessly integrates such hot-button issues as populism, post-truth politics, and the growing prominence of autocracy, and manages overall to capture the dynamic character of politics in a transitional era. – Bruce Morrison, Western University, Canada
There is hardly a better textbook to approach the study of politics. This is an easy-to-read yet systematic and engaging introduction to political science. This new edition has received a timely update and now covers topics such as populism, illiberal democracy and the crises of the EU. Heywood’s book is a key reference text that students should always keep on their desk for consultation as they progress through their degree in politics. – Edoardo Bressanelli, King’s College London, UK
A stellar textbook that covers the essential introductory topics for first-year students while at the same time delves into contentious contemporary issues. The fifth edition includes a new thought-provoking final chapter that addresses the wave of anti-establishment fervour circulating in Western liberal democracies. Students who study political science are looking for answers and guidance in understanding today’s political disillusionment. Heywood’s text provides both and goes the extra mile by also discussing solutions with the clearest and most up-to-date advice on “mending politics.” – Roberta Haar, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
Politics remains the text that still best hits the sweet spot between accessibility and academic sophistication. – Stephen Thornton, Cardiff University, UK
Thoughtfully organized, attractively presented, and eminently approachable, Heywood raises the bar for introductory politics texts. Instructors seeking a comprehensive overview of key concepts, theories, scholars, events, and political actors will find everything they need and more in this thoroughly updated edition of Politics. – Scott Fitzsimmons, University of Limerick, Ireland
Heywood's Politics is the by far the best introductory text to political science currently on the market. It does an excellent job of introducing vital concepts for the study of politics in an accessible, easy to grasp format. – Johannes van Gorp, American University of Sharjah, UAE
This book is a marvel of erudition and compilation. It is accessible and user friendly. It remains the first stop for lecturers and students studying Politics. – Cillian McGrattan, University of Ulster, Ireland
Heywood’s Politics stands out as one of the most comprehensive and accessible textbooks in the market. Students will benefit especially from its illustrations of case studies and debates in politics. – James Wong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
The most versatile and rewarding foundational text for studying politics. Comprehensive in scope, packed with carefully crafted pedagogical features, and incorporating the latest scholarship, this edition is the ideal prompt for stimulating classroom discussions. – Andrew Glencross, Aston University, UK
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Andrew Heywood is the author of such bestselling texts as Global Politics, Political Ideologies and Political Theory, used by hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

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Andrew Heywood is the author of such bestselling texts as Global Politics, Political Ideologies and Political Theory, used by hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

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